HPP - Buck Trends, We've Got the Goods on Cold Pressed Juice

HPP - Buck Trends, We've Got the Goods on Cold Pressed Juice

Not to get too California on you, but do you know how we got our start? Our founder, an avid Santa Barbara beach volleyball player and tennis pro, had nailed the perfect combination of the simple, organic, effective ingredients you might find in your neighborhood juice bar. The ones that would nourish hard-working bodies on the court as well as in an office environment. He had identified long-lauded ingredients like turmeric (great for aiding with inflammation) and apple cider vinegar (a natural antimicrobial) but he was thirsty to find a way to bring them to people stuck in office cubicles suffering from over-stressed immune systems as much as those on the volleyball court with aching muscles and joints.

That was back in 2014 - what’s happened since is what defines who we are as a company and as a brand today.  While we've been using the cold pressed process since day one, we got our start with 12oz bottles. Enter shots. Enter Cold Pressed Juice. What’s the deal and how are we any different?

Let’s start with the what:

HPP what is it? High Pressure Pasteurization or Processing is the process that renders food “safe” without heating it. We use HPP because it allows us to both sterilize and preserve our unprocessed ingredients. In other words, the process retains the nutritional qualities of the ingredients we use while also passing health and safety standards for retail distribution. And the best part - this process preserves the flavor of the juices. Making them as delicious on day one as they are when you pluck one from the refrigerated grocery shelf.

The why usually follows this, as many people want to know why the juices cost more than your standard jug of orange “juice”. There’s a lot of pressure put on our juices. Literally. Several tons of pressure are used to squeeze out every drop. Quality is also a factor, as we work with family farms growing sustainable, organic ingredients who pay particular attention to the air and soil because where it comes from is as important as how it's grown.

Now you know.  So the next time you hold one of our shots in the palm of your hand, you’ll know you’re holding the cutting edge.