What's the Story with Pink Coconut Water? Nam Hom Explained...

Coconut water has had quite a year (or five). And just when you think you know all there is to know about this magical liquid, it shows its sweet, pastel pink hued side. So, what’s the fuss? Let’s extol the virtues of this sweet, fragrant, aromatic water from the Nam Hom variety of aromatic coconuts, shall we?

We don’t use a lot of ingredients in our shots, so we take each of them seriously. The organic coconut water you find in our RELEAF shots comes from coconuts grown on a family farm in Kauai, free from pesticides and without synthetic fertilizers.

Why does the fertilizer matter, you ask? It’s that fertile, mineral rich soil that makes the coconuts we use special. Harvested at a young maturity stage, the combination of nuanced soil and delicate composition of minerals yield the delicately sweet, pink-tinged water kind of the way the earth that holds a vintage vine yields a fine wine. The combination of abundant water, fertile soil full of essential minerals, and year-round sun makes this area a unique place and gives our coconuts that special and genuine flavor.

Mix this thoughtfully cultivated, organic coconut water with Hawaiian turmeric, lemon, ginger and full spectrum hemp extract and you will find the sweet spot that drives us. Pared down, stripped back, to the point: like everything we do, function supersedes all. With shots this size, we don't have room to fool around.

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